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We work very closely with our clients to ensure they meet their objectives. The feedback we have received both from our clients and the films’ audiences is resoundingly positive.

Ghana: A Better Future

The UN Millennium Project established the Task Force on Hunger in 2002, with a mandate to develop a strategy for halving world hunger by 2015. One of the goals is to provide meals that are

FSC Wood- Saving The Heart of Borneo

Short film about FSC sustainable wood plantations in Borneo/Kalimantan (Indonesia). The major international conservation agencies active in Indonesia are trying to save ‘the heart of Borneo’ by establishing as a mosaic of protected forests, national

Changing Frame of Reference

This film is about the municipality of Den Bosch developing a vision for its future. The organization wants to enhance its capacity for collective action by aligning employee motivations around an inspiring vision and a


Faith Based Sustainable Investment This film offers a compelling argument for why religions and scientists could provide a powerful united force in protecting the living planet and the practical issues of implementing faith based sustainable