Faith Based Sustainable Investment

This film offers a compelling argument for why religions and scientists could provide a powerful united force in protecting the living planet and the practical issues of implementing faith based sustainable investment programs. A short program for the launch of 3 iG the International Interfaith Investment Group in 2005, through the efforts of the Alliance for Religions and Conservation (ARC).

The film introduces the mission of 3iG to contribute to a just and sustainable society through responsible investment in a spirit of genuine interfaith dialogue and co-operation. 3iG finds common ground among the faith through cluster groups, which focus on universal, environmental and social issues like sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, microcredit ànd water.

Sir James David Wolfensohn, President World bank:
“ I come from the Jewish Faith Custody, and we believe that in a way, God is the Earth and we are the temporary  ‘custodians’, and that we have a responsibility take an active role in preservation”.

Rev. Séamus P. Finn OMI
“The earth is a resource that can be exhausted. In my point of view, this fact has brought science & religion back to the table in a very helpful and creative way”

Dr. Akbar Ahmed, Chair Islamic Studies, American University. “Islam has a very clear and defiend definition about the environment. We are here as  temporary visitors on this planet, we ned to look after the vegetation, the water, the oceans and respect them. Because if we don’t we ourselves are threatened.”

Dr. Rajwant Singh, Chairman, Sikh Counsel on Religion and Education.
“We are part of nature and we can’t allow ourselves to destroy it.”

Film premièred in London, 2005

Director / Editor: Peter Swanson
Location directors: Alexandra Jansse, Paul King
Producers: Peter Swanso, Global Visions & Alexandra Jansse / Joost van Loon, EMF Films 2005

Themes: Ethical investment, Responsible investment, Religious fund managers