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Made in China

Made In China (China and USA) With a good sense of humor nurse Wayne Petersen scans the labels at Wallmart; "Made in China"? No thanks! The production jobs this ex-miner sees disappearing to China stand

The New Silver

The New Silver (Bolivia) Filmed against the background of a popular revolt called the ‘Gas War”, this film shows how the lack of access to capital is a heavy chain hanging around the necks of

Bombay Jungle

Bombay Jungle (India) Bombay is a place for work, opportunities and dreams. People come to work in the city and earn their living which they cannot earn back in their villages. But nothing is free

The Strongest Link

The Strongest Link (South Africa) Filmed in the shanty towns of South Africa, this film shows how access to healthcare can make a real difference in the future of a family and a community. Community

The Price Of Cotton

The Price Of Cotton (Mali and USA) This film portrays cotton farmers Abrahim Coulibaly from West-Africa and James Machan and his family from Texas are in competition with each other on the world market. Gradually the

The Tunnel And Other Lies

The Tunnel And Other Lies  (Bosnia) In after war Bosnia to be in the right does not mean getting your right, that's a matter of long-windedness. Amidst the rubble of post-war Bosnia Omer Bjelonja's family