The Tunnel And Other Lies  (Bosnia)

In after war Bosnia to be in the right does not mean getting your right, that’s a matter of long-windedness.
Amidst the rubble of post-war Bosnia Omer Bjelonja’s family is seeking way to reposes the home they sacrificed to this country’s war effort. Their home served in the war as the entrance / exit of the legendary Sarajevo tunnel. Redjo Seferovic is also fighting an unjust and biased system that allowed him to be fired from his job as a security guard with no basis. The common element in their stories, and their mutual pillar of hope, is their courageous lawyer, Branka Inic, who is willing to challenge the corrupt system in her representation of its many victims, despite the monstrous roadblocks in their paths.Filmed in Bosnia the film demonstrates that access to good governance is essential if people are to escape the poverty trap. Bjelonja and Radzo Seferovic fight different battles, each facing tremendous odds against a government that has respectively taken their homes and jobs.

While influential people succeed in defending their interests in the bureaucratic maze, the average citizen still pulls the shortest straw

Producers: Alexandra Jansse & Joost van Loon 2005
Director and script: Vuk Janic
Editors: Babette Niemel, Alexandra Jansse
Camera: Adri Schrover, Maarten Kramer
Sound: Ab Grooters, Frenk van der Sterre
Editors: Dragomir Bajali and Srdjan Fink
Music composer: Orlando Gough

• A Dollar a Day” is broadcast in The Netherlands, India, USA, Japan, Canada, Sweden, Middle East, Africa, Belgium, Greece ea.
• Film festival China (Guangzhou); World Social Forum Nairobi 2007 Slum Cinema screenings.
• Distributed by Off The Fence and World Bank.
Outreach campaign and website by the Center of Global Development Washington with this series!
ThiemeMeulenhoff Publishers educational program for high schools GEO method with this series.
Location: Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2005
Themes: War Recovery, Human Rights, Corruption, Property rights, Self-determination, Roma, Helsinki Committee for Human Rights.