Travel to Suborbital Space (50 minutes doc)

This film sets out to tell the story of a group of determined and passionate ‘astropreneurs’ on their quest to launch a commercial space-tourism industry. .
Driven by the same spirit of enquiry, adventure, and exploration that sustained Charles Lindbergh – the pilot of the first successful nonstop flight from New York to Paris in 1927 – Dutch born founders of Space Expedition Corporation (SXC) teamed up with rocket experts at XCOR Aerospace in California (USA) to set a standard for the world. With a planned start date in 2015 they are well on their way to be the first in the world to operate a commercial space liner

Travel to Suborbital Space Xperience CuracaoThe Lynx will ultimately operate out of Space Port Curaçao.

Flying a ‘re-usable’, liquid rocket powered space ferry called the Lynx, SXC/XCOR people embark on a journey to facilitate space tourism as well as Low Earth Orbital space research. The Lynx will offer several multi-mission primary and secondary ‘payload capabilities’ including: in-cockpit experiments, externally mounted experiments, upper atmospheric sampling and micro-satellite launch among others.
The spacecraft is designed for rapid turnaround, using full piston pump-powered rocket engines that enables it to fly up to 100 km above sea level – an altitude known as the Kármán line – and land back at take-off site. Multiple times per day, every day. SXC/XCOR’s space-liner will ultimately operate out of Space Port Curaçao in the Dutch Caribbean.

Will the SXC/XCOR team succeed to beat Virgin Galactic?

The films climax definitely will be the launch of the Lynx and the first commercial spaceflight itself. However, excitement in the film also comes from SXC/XCOR ‘s main rival the Virgin Group’s flamboyant Sir Richard Branson. Will the SXC/XCOR team succeed to beat Virgin Galactic in spurring commercial astronautics? SCX/XCOR groups’ undertaking is shaping up and promises to be a David vs. Goliath battle.
See trailer: Travel to Suborbital Space

Harsh realities in Macedonia – co-production with director Faik Grbovic (50 min. doc)

This raw and uncompromising film set in Macedonia presents the afflictions of the Macedonian society and the harsh realities in this country, disclosed by the once famed Punk musicians Persa and Shupak (real names Borche and Ljupce) who are trying to make a comeback.
Macedonia used to be one of the 6 republics that made up former Yugoslavia, and as many of you know they separated through civil wars, if any war can ever be “civil”. After a decade of fighting, most of the region was left devastated and Macedonia is no exception. Widespread drug abuse, rampant corruption and inhumane poverty are pushing people over the edge of bearable living. The situation is further compounded by a totalitarian display of power and a nationalistic ideology.
Borche and Ljupche strive to overcome their own demons while they attempt to make a difference in a country plagued by identity crises and a possible breakup.
 See here for a trailer: Persa & Shupak