DVD Values & Sustainable Future (7 languages)
Training film on DVD 2 films; total 10 min inspiring quotes

“You should not just see things from your own perspective “, Micha 12 years, Netherlands.

This DVD is very useful to start any meeting, training or event related to the topics values and sustainable future.
The aim of these films is: to touch people’s hearts with the valid and surprising statements of the children. To challenge people’s own vision on values, sustainable future, personal values, company values. To create an inspiring starting point for dialogue. To provide you with a unique and playful way to inspire participants into a course of action. Because the children in the film are frank about the issues of values and sustainability, it somehow becomes easier to dare to discuss these issues. As a result surprising conversations will ensue!

Make sure you check: leadersofthe21stcentury.com

Director: Alexandra Jansse
Interviews: Humberto Schwab
Producers: Alexandra Jansse & Joost van Loon EMF Films.