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Leaders Of The 21st Century

Beautiful quotes from children on important topics

Today’s children will eventually become the leaders of the 21st century. In these short films children of 4 continents touch our hearts and inspire us with their the valid and surprising statements about leadership. DVD SETS with card games and working tools for trainers.
Looking for an original icebreaker and short film for your event or training? The wisdom of these future leaders will challenge your team.
Get inspiration from our Future Leaders. Why not Take Teamwork seriously. A challenge to act on your Dreams & Goals. Is Our shared Future Sustainable?

Easy implementation by yourself.
 DVD set Leadership, Teamwork and Dreams en Goals
Language: NL and English
 Trainingfilm on DVD
 Full and inspiring 3-DVD Set ; with playing cards and instruction for managers and trainers.
Leadership, Teamwork and Dreams & Goals Read More or Order Now
Locations: India, Brazil, United States, And The Netherlands 2008

Themes: Leadership, Teamwork, Dreams & goals, Sustainable future, Values.
Director: Alexandra Jansse
Interviews: Humberto Schwab
Producers: Alexandra Jansse & Joost van Loon EMF Films.

Values and Sustainable Future

DVD Values & Sustainable Future (7 languages) Training film on DVD 2 films; total 10 min inspiring quotes “You should not just see things from your own perspective “, Micha 12 years, Netherlands. This DVD

Dreams and Goals

DVD box Dreams en Goals NL/English Seven 7 min. quotes on Dreams en Goals, playing cards and instruction “Your whole life is about the choices that you have to make” – Ruby 10 years. This DVD


DVD box Teamwork NL/English Seven 7 min. quotes on Dreams en Goals, playing cards and instruction “If you work as a team, you will reach the unity that creates power” – Simone 14 years USA. This


DVD box Leadership NL/English Seven minutes quotes on Leadership, playing cards and instruction. “A born leader is someone who can make a difference and is helping other people making a difference” This film is very