Short commissioned film by DMO Amsterdam. Forty VMBO pupils define the future of Amsterdam using Socratic dialogue, practical approachesĀ and new technology.
Location: Netherlands 2007
Themes: Socratic Dialogue, Art of listening, Self-determination, Discrimination, Respect, Multicultural society, Segregation, High Tech solutions.

By using traditional philosophy, creative learning methods and future design tools, Humberto Schwab transforms people into creative designers by investigating their presumptions, making explicit their values and developing goals.

The FUTURE LAB method creates a clear structure in which strong collaborative learning is realized. Starting from deep philosophical analysis, participants develop new concepts that suit to their practices and fit in different futures.
The group starts with value creations and socratic discourses around fundamental value questions. The starting point of these labs is always to clarify basic presumptions and philosophy.
The essence of the program is that it motivates, by way of this strong Socratic context, an internal switch in the mentality of the individual participants towards a strong collaborative creative power, that results in innovative designs and experiences, or even new paradigms on the way we live and the way we want to value our every day lives.
The result is always a sharp fomulated innovated philosphy and a concrete roadmap of actions and plans to enroll. Future scenarios give a landscape of completely opposed possible worlds which do reflect basic options and challenges.

Director: Alexandra Jansse
Editor: Marc Schaaps
Producer: Alexandra Jansse, Xela Films