Water The Drop Of Life

This is the story of Water an extraordinary television series about a subject that touches virtually everybody on the planet. It is a story of life and death, of rich and poor of beauty, despair, crisis and hope!

State of Suspension

This long documentary initiated by Benny Brunner has 9 chapters and gives a provocative, unusual perspective on Israel/Palestine, looked at through the eyes youngsters and two Israeli comics. With confronting and absurd street theatre, they show the mind-set of the Israeli society after 60 years of independence.

The Great Book Robbery

Dramatic new light illuminates the disaster inflicted upon the Palestinian people and their culture in 1948. This entirely unknown historical event came into light by chance; while researching in various state archives, Israeli PhD student Gish Amit stumbled upon documents from 1948-9 that mentioned “collecting books in Arabic from occupied territories.”

Bear Pouches and Blowup Hearts

Avigdor Loonsteijn and Dana Ohana tell what it means to become Bar and Bat mitzwa. The term ‘Mitswa’ literally means ‘son of it or commanded’ or ‘daughter of it. According to the Jewish tradition, a boy on his 13-birthday becomes Mitswa.

Grandpa Mokum & Grandpa Mecca

A youth documentary portraying Orit and her Jewish and Muslim grandfathers, commissioned by Dutch public television. 13-year-old Orit Rodriquez Garcia lives in Amsterdam and has a Jewish grandpa (Grandpa Mokum) and a Muslim grandpa (Grandpa Mekka).