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Episode 1: Body and Soul

When pushed to the limit, one can survive for nearly a month without food. But, without water, a person may die in less than a week. Water is an essential element for all people in

Episode 2: Fuel for Farms & Factories

The largest users of water, industries and agricultural, have a special responsibility to care for Water The Drop of Life. Without water there is no energy, no food, no product.
In this episode we focus on

Episode 3: The Perils of Pollution

Nature provides a great variety of habitats, unique places supporting a diversity of life. What happens when the balance between the Earth and all living things disrupts? Mikhail Gorbachev: “An environmental catastrophe affects nature; it affect

Episode 4: A Price To Pay

Although government policy in many parts of the world is to keep the ‘ price of water artificially at a low level through subsidies, this appears no longer sustainable. Isabel Allende: “People in the villages all

Episode 6: Water the endless search

In our quest for survival, humans have always sought new frontiers. In exploring these frontiers, we have gained knowledge revealing new possibilities for the future of water conservation. Kofi Annan: "I often quote an Africa

Episode 5: War & Peace

Does anybody own water? Perhaps not, but there are people who control water. Shared rivers can be a source of conflicts between several countries, especially if the countries involved have a serious shortage of water.