When pushed to the limit, one can survive for nearly a month without food. But, without water, a person may die in less than a week.
Water is an essential element for all people in daily life, regardless of class and culture.
The Daila Lama: “Water is the source of Life for every-one”.
Queen Noor of Jordan: “A source of renewal for people in this region”.

This episode gives us an insight in the spiritual and daily role of water for our “Body and Soul”. How Water is supplying our life with its energy and how there is a need to (re) connect with it as the source of life and spirit that e need to sustain for future generations..
In every cultural context water is densely encoded with social, spiritual, political and environmental meanings, and these have a powerful effect upon patterns of water use.

From daily necessity to liquid extravagance, from simple chores to full-tilt recreation, the different geographical areas in the world, together with the standard to life, determine to a great extent how much water is available per household.
The absence of a conscious connection to water supply’s inevitably leads to violence and threatens all life.

Three families from three different countries are exposed using their household water in dramatically different ways.
Why does a family in Namibia have to save every drop of water, while a household in a similar climate — Phoenix, Arizona — uses hundreds of times more water?
Because of scarcity of water in Namibia, ideas of conservation are more readily adopted tan in some equally dry areas where attitudes are more difficult to change.
A family in Valencia, Spain — a modern city are currently facing the realities of water rationing.
In the three places where these families live, local campaigns to promote water conservation are set up. Namibia contributes with an extremely effective example: it is the only country in the world that purifies sewage water, and then distributes it back to consumers.

Water plays a vital role in all aspects of our spiritual lives, as an element of sustenance, cleansing, initiation, healing, gaining wisdom, and enchantment. In a wide variety of religions and cultures, water is considered to be sacred.
A Tukano Indian in the Amazon basin compares water on earth with the lifeblood of all things. In Bali, a priest performs a blessing with holy water to safeguard the coming harvest. In Japan, Shinto priests bath in water during a ritual of purification and initiation. The spiritual consciousness of the healing power of waters is evident.
Also known as the “City of Death,” Varanasi is a place where millions from all over India come for the ritual of endings and of beginnings: cremation. We also see elaborate rites in the River Jordan where Christian pilgrims are being baptized.

Theme’s in this episode : Global, Water, Daily Needs, Drought, Water Pollution, Conflicts, Recycling Waste water, Ecology, Sacred power of Water.
VIPs in this episode: Jimmy Carter, Shimon Peres, Queen Noor, Mikhail Gorbachev, Anita Roddick,Ted Danson.
Locations: Bali, Japan, USA, Kenya, Mexico, Canada, Egypt, USA, Thailand, Ukraine, Chille, Italy, Germany, Belgium and Spain.

VIPS: de Dali Lama, Johan Cruyff, Ted Danson (World Oceans Campaign), Queen Noor (Jordan) Isabel Allende (writer), Kofi Anan (UN secretary), Anita Roddick (Body Shop)

Locations in this episode: Kenya, USA, Canada, Japan, India, Italy, Israel, Spain, Namibia, Bali and Bangladesh.
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