Berenbuidels en OpblaashartenAvigdor Loonsteijn and Dana Ohana tell what it means to become Bar and Bat mitzwa.  The term ‘Mitswa’ literally means ‘son of it or commanded’ or  ‘daughter of it.  According to the Jewish tradition, a boy on his 13-birthday becomes Mitswa. He then is a full member of the Jewish religious community and is responsibly for its religious duties.  A recent development is the Mitzwa-celebration for girls, with which the equality of girls and boys becomes recognized.

Director and script: Alexandra Jansse
Camera: Gilles Frenken, Daniel Gallenkamp
Sound: Flip van der Dungen, Hugo Helmond
Editor: Juan Morales Calvo
Producer: Alexandra Jansse, Xela Films (2001)