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A Dollar A Day

Six-part international television series of 50 minutes programs

While many people recognize that surviving on a dollar a day is a struggle, very few understand the nature of poverty.
In addition poor people are often not recognized for the creativity and resourcefulness they possess.
These programs show that while poor people may lack money, education, security or healthcare, they do not lack creative and courageous initiatives, knowledge and willpower.
The series revolves around themes of “Access”.
– Access to Capital, Access to Healthcare, Access to Basic Needs, Access to Markets , Access to Jobs, and Access to Good Governance.

This poignant international television series provides real insight into the complex nature of poverty, portraying people living under the poverty line.
It shows that poverty isn’t simply a numbers game. It’s about brave individual men and women enduring unimaginable obstacles while struggling to fulfill their most basic human rights.

The main characters in the series are people like Maria Cabana in Bolivia, Kurshida Bano in India, Bulewla Sima in South Africa, Sédou Dembele in Mali, Li Jieli in China and Redjo Seferovic in Bosnia.
It is their stories and the stories of their husbands, wives, and children. Each represents one of the 1.2 billion people in the world living on less that a dollar a day.
They live in rural villages and in urban shanty towns, and all are typical: they have few belongings, limited education, little access to jobs or capital, and are ruled by heavily indebted governments that
lack the capacity or effective plans to help their poorest citizens.

Locations: South Africa, China, USA, Bolivia, Mali, India and Bosnia 2005
Themes: Complex and urgent poverty issues, Personal stories of struggle and determination.
• A Dollar a Day” is broadcast in The Netherlands, India, USA, Japan, Canada, Sweden, Middle East, Africa, Belgium, Greece ea.
• Film festival China (Guangzhou); World Social Forum Nairobi 2007 Slum Cinema screenings.
• Distributed by Off The Fence and World Bank.
Outreach campaign and website by the Center of Global Development Washington with this series!
ThiemeMeulenhoff Publishers educational program for high schools GEO method with this series.

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