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We work very closely with our clients to ensure they meet their objectives. The feedback we have received both from our clients and the films’ audiences is resoundingly positive.

The Middle East: War and Cultural Heritage

A film commissioned by the National Museum of Antiquities (Leiden) as an introduction to the exhibition. The Middle East is often defined by its conflicts. That’s unfortunate. “The Fertile Crescent” has so much more to

Listen Very Carefully

This short film is made for the presentation of the World Environment Centre Golden Medal Award to ABN AMRO in Washington DC. How can we make more possible for future generations? Children on 4 continents

Kenya: hunger a paradox of problems

Akumoye’s maize yields in Kenya tripled when she decided to restore the health of her soils by planting nitrogen-fixing trees, spreading phosphate fertilizer, and applying the biomass of the ‘Mexican sunflower’, which she grows around

Ghana: A Better Future

The UN Millennium Project established the Task Force on Hunger in 2002, with a mandate to develop a strategy for halving world hunger by 2015. One of the goals is to provide meals that are

Future Lab

Short commissioned film by DMO Amsterdam. Forty VMBO pupils define the future of Amsterdam using Socratic dialogue, practical approaches and new technology. Location: Netherlands 2007 Themes: Socratic Dialogue, Art of listening, Self-determination, Discrimination, Respect, Multicultural society,

FSC Wood- Saving The Heart of Borneo

Short film about FSC sustainable wood plantations in Borneo/Kalimantan (Indonesia). The major international conservation agencies active in Indonesia are trying to save ‘the heart of Borneo’ by establishing as a mosaic of protected forests, national